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· “Hurricane Hugo Recovery” - In the aftermath of Hurricane Hugo in September, 1989, Foster worked with the S.C. Electric Cooperatives and the Berkeley Electric Cooperatives to communicate vital information to co-op members as they restored power. Because of the rural location of co-op districts and catastrophic devastation to infrastructure, many homeowners and businesses were without electricity for up to 40 days after the storm. Our efforts included printing a weekly newspaper to report on progress and profile the heroic work of crews. Routine media briefings carried important safety information. Update meetings were held in local churches. Care was provided to special needs of children and the elderly.

· “Hunley Found” - A worldwide media tour was conducted over the course of 36 hours to announce the discovery of the CSS Hunley, the first submarine in history to sink a ship. Adventure novelist Clive Cussler, whose underwater research team found the sub, hired the agency to plan and execute a media relations campaign that spanned the world’s major news outlets BBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, USA Today and the New York Times. Tactics included a live shot from downtown Charleston on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” More than 600 million media impressions were posted worldwide.

· “Property Rights” – The agency helped develop and launch the South Carolina Landowners Association, which grew from a meeting of a handful of volunteers to a membership base of 5,000 landowners statewide in just one year. The group has been instrumental in securing legislative and local protection of basic property rights for small parcel, rural landowner families. A true grass roots effort, this project work was honored as the Best Public Affairs Campaign in South Carolina in by the Public Relations Society of America.

· “Project GreenLine” – For a regional water / wastewater utility, the agency developed and implemented a branding program to win public opinion and avoid conflict for a massive wastewater line construction project along a busy public roadway. The brand “GreenLine” was selected to reflect the utility’s plans to replace hundreds of trees and foliage that had to be removed during the construction process. Residents and businesses along the work route were provided weekly updates of progress, a project hotline number was used for additional and personal feedback to the public, and environmental tewardship projects were implemented with local schools. In 18 months of construction and media work, there were no complaints from the public, residents or businesses.

“A Tragedy in Graniteville” – In January 2005, a train derailment and deadly chlorine spill in the small hamlet of Graniteville, S.C. led to one of the state’s worst tragedies ever recorded. The derailment occurred in the heart of Avondale Mills’ textile operations, the lifeblood and major employer in the region. Nine people were killed by chlorine gas. The agency was hired by Avondale Mills to manage a continued onslaught of national media attention and focus “next steps” communication to some 1,600 local employees in the wake of the mill closure dur to the chlorine contamination. The agency worked with statewide and national media outlets to convey the mill’s reasons for the closure and to show evidence of the long-term corrosive impact of the chlorine gas. Media tour efforts produced more than 8 million impressions.